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It’s About Investing in Our Future


Friends of Nicole 50/50 Mentoring Collaborative provides mentoring for students by building and sustaining a mentoring community with the highest level of service, integrity, encouragement, and empathy. Most importantly, we strive to continue cultivating our co

Community by investing in our Youth.


Friends of Nicole 50/50  Mentoring Collaborative, Inc is a non profit organization that empowers youth via partnerships with mentors, professionals,  and community leaders.  Our mission is achieved via the following principles; Global Education, Sisterhood, Entrepreneurship, Confidence, and Community Engagement



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                                                                   50/50 Mentoring Program

                                                             50 women |50 girls |50 hour| 1 year

                                                                  Build. Empower. Inspire

                                                             WHEN SHE RISES, WE ALL RISE.


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